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I currently living in Millersburg or as God whispered in me ear four years ago in PA, "the land of my Fathers!" MILLERS - burg! OK! The best way to describe my life of late, is simply "Pastor-at-Large" I live "outside the box" of our usual expectation of life, family, employment and even culture. I live, breathe, and weave around a four county area as a local missionary and have learned of so many supportive faith communities. I meet people who contact me where they are in their 'hike 'o life."

The hats I wear are that of Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, Pastoral Supply, Prayer Counselor and well, whatever God calls on me to do (I actually get paid to do all of these things, which is awesome, unless you are helping me with my books!) I also work to "tent-make my mission work" as a church secretary for a sweet fellowship pastored by one of my favorite seminary prof's.

So what do I want to be when I grow up? Stay tuned! The goals are big and staying solvent month by month is a huge victory, but as I see my own heart and others hearts change and grow in my daily walk, I realize, I am not working for treasures on earth....I have direct deposit above. Guess that's a pretty sweet ride! Lacing up my hiking boots...on the hike o' life!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the benefits of doing this blog as a Lenten discipline, is that it is making me more attentive to things. I am really learning how to use the blogger software.  I had noticed that the "time" stamp on my blogs were not where not accurate and after several people commented this week about how early I was up, I found the place to adjust the time.  But I also learned how to set the auto post, so now you won't know if I am up early or just being sneaky!

Back to the attentiveness though.  If you have trusted your life to Christ, He has sent His helper the Holy Spirit to you.  In fact the scripture I posted yesterday even speaks of "being drawn" to God.  Guess who that is referring to?  Yep!

I was so pleased by how many of you said that a NAME immediately came to you for directing your prayers.  Guess who helped you with that as well?  Yep!

So if you haven't yet today, lets pray for that person.  Lord, we know you sent ________ into our lives and into our hearts for a reason.  Holy Spirit guide me to
pray, guide me to love,
guide me to be a friend to________
You know their needs, their hurts, guide them with your Holy Spirit and guide me to know how to love them in YOUR NAME...

I was going to tell you some of the God things that have been happening in my life today, but I am so overwelmed by them, that I kept hearing the word - BREATH last night and this morning...
So a classic praise song today by Micheal W Smith

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